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Good morning to all my M&M's out there!

I would like for you all to get to know me a bit. So let's start today off with my personal testimony. I have always had this perception of what my life would be and I have learned that it is okay to not be where you quite saw yourself in life just yet. Because it is all about T I M I N G. According to good 'ole Webster, Time is defined as the the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. After graduating college, the plan was to move cross country for a broadcasting job and maybe after five years in my career I "saw" myself having a child. But the key to this life is not planning but preparing. Uhhh... did I loose ya'll yet? When you start preparing versus planning you will see things start to change. Also, it never hurts to have just a mustard seed of faith.

I love my journey, I love that I am constantly growing day by day. It is funny because during my journey to motherhood, I heard many discouraging things, such as: "are you sure this is the right time?" or "this is going to slow you down". But I see it now and then as a blessing and an opportunity for me to grow with my little one to become a better me. I am no where close to perfect and I even doubted myself in the beginning but as long as you continue to prepare for your next season, God will always align you with your blessings.

When I looked into Tristan's eyes, then at that very moment I believed that this was my destiny. It was my time and I was ready to fulfill my destiny and begin my journey of motherhood. No matter what others might say about you or the decisions you make. Ultimately, what you think about yourself is the most important thing. I learned that having a baby did not end "My life" but only made room for an alternate route. As baby T nears the 12 month mark I am both sad and filled with joy. I am sad because I want him to stay small forever so I can shield him from this world and filled with joy because I along with much support from family and friends have nurtured a human being.

I have witnessed him say ma-ma and da-da, crawl and even stumble to walk. I watch him laugh as his smile lights up the room and on those sleepless nights when I am looking at the clock like is it really 4 am? I just thank the heavenly Father the I was blessed with a true angel. No one said that it would be easy but it sure as hell worth it!

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