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Jocelyn Stargell-Zachery is a mother, author, speaker, mentor, and Apraxia advocate. She is the Atlanta Walk for Apraxia coordinator and has helped to raise over $20,000 within the last three years to help support families and children affected by this lifelong speech disorder. She is also a children’s book author. "Tristan Finds His... Voice" is a book that was written based on the true story of the author’s son, who was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). The book’s sole purpose is to raise awareness about neurological speech disorders and to give hope to parents/caregivers and children struggling with this disorder. According to, CAS affects 1 out of 1,000 children and the only known treatment at this time is speech therapy. 

She has her B. A in Mass Communications and Marketing and has worked in digital marketing for 6+ years. She is glad to be able to share this story of overcoming obstacles one day at a time with the world in hopes of inspiring them to do the same.


Come with me on this journey of self discovery and motherhood.

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