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Tristan; Hope for all with Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS)


CAS is a neurological speech disorder that makes it difficult for children to learn how to speak. This could be a difficult situation to live as a parent and also for our kids going through this. Others can be insensitive to this lifelong speech disorder. How about we put an end to the stigma and bring some level of awareness through a book?


Does your child have CAS?

Do you need them to feel that they are not alone and this too will pass? Are you a parent looking for hope amid the CAS storm? Do you need your child to have something to hold onto? Or are you simply looking for a good read and a good storybook for a gift?


Then look no further. This is all you have ever needed.


This storybook written by Jocelyn Stargell-Zachery is a masterpiece, carefully put together with love and experience. It was written for children ages 3-5, especially. It’s the story of Tristan who has Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS).


Tristan loves his mom so much and works hard each day to use his words. After months of speech therapy and practice, he finally had a breakthrough.


Come and see what happens in this story, have a dose of joy and hope injected in you. Tristan’s story is a journey of overcoming CAS one day at a time.


What are you waiting for??? Get your book now!

Signed Copy of Tristan Finds His... Voice

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