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Uncovering the Perception...

Who cares?! Who cares?! Who cares?!

For so long I cared what people thought of me, what people thought of the moves I made. But something finally clicked! Who cares... you have ONE life to LIVE and you have to LIVE it for yourself. Of course, it's easy to take other people's advice but you have to listen to yourself and have that conversation with the higher power in order to help guide oneself on the correct path. Each individual has their own path and perception of where they feel they should be or where other's feel you should be. One thing I have realized is no one person in in the same chapter of life... one cnnot compare their chapter 2 to someone else's chapter 7. Life unfolds like a book. It is already written on what is in store... but sometimes you just have to continue going through the chapters of life until you finally reach the climax and the door of opportunity will open.

Unfortunately.. this is often times easier said than done. TRUST ME! I'm still a work in progress but as long as you continue to move forward, you're in the right direction. I would never take back any decision I made because every decision has been

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