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Quarantine Blues: 7 Tips For Working From Home with a Toddler

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

With the current events around the world and country, most of us have been told to social distance, wash hands frequently and refrain from touching your nose, mouth and eyes. All in which are to help decrease the spread of Coronavirus. So many companies have opted to have employees work remotely due to the rapid spread of COVID-19. I have been working from home for a total of 10 days and it feels like it's been a whole month.

I honestly felt like it would not be that challenging but I was in for a rude awakening. Thankfully after two days of a busy toddler, staying up past bed time and refusing to nap I had enough. It was time to make some changes. So I did!

Here's 7 tips on how I manage to work from home and get work done with my toddler.

Wake Up Early

Wake up at least 1-2 hours before your toddler is up for the day. Although this might seem absolutely dreadful because all you want to do is enjoy the bliss of waking up when you want & working from home. But in reality, you still have a job to do and usually the best time to get work done is when your toddler is not around or occupied.

Make a Routine & Stick to It

This was the hardest thing for me, mainly because me and my little one have our weekend routine. In this routine everything is about him. He had to adjust to the fact that we wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and proceed to get ready as if it was a normal day. I often talk to him so he can understand that although mommy is at home, mommy cannot play. After trying a few new routines I thought to myself, "why am I reinventing the wheel, when he goes to school he is on a routine". So why not just use that same routine? This ended up working out perfectly. He ate on time, napped on time and went to bed on time after two days of consistently following this schedule. With repetition, it became clear to me that at his age consistency is very important when developing new and good habits. If your child isn't in school yet, check out these handy tips for schedule suggestions for your toddler!

Go Outside

I realized the importance of going outside after the first two days of my very energetic toddler. I usually take our outside break during what would usually be my 1st break of the day. I try to give my son at least 20-30 minutes of out door activity per day. My son loves to throw balls, play with his t-ball kit and of course ride on his favorite truck.

Nap Time, Nap Time, Nap Time

Nap time is essential to your overall toddler's development as well as your sanity. Always ENFORCE nap time. Be sure to be consistent with the nap times you select for your toddler.

In House Play Area

Think about how important it is for you to have your own office space. Think about how much you enjoy being in your office. Wouldn't you want to create that same experience for your little one? Not only does in house play areas encourage independent play but it also allows your child to use their imagination. The play area that you decide to create should have your child's favorite toys, books and all the things he likes. Remember to be as creative and fun as you can be many toddlers love fun stations. Don't believe me? Check out these cool ideas for stations for your child.

Read to Your Little One for 20 minutes

Reading to your little one has so many benefits. Scheduling time for your child to read aloud helps stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It also helps them develop language and listening skills.

A Little TV Never Hurt Nobody

It is recommended that your child get no more than 2-5 hours of TV time per day. I make the most of this by giving my son a choice to choose which show he would like to watch. I feel this helps with making your toddler feel that they are in control of the situation. First thing first, make a list of 5 shows that your little one likes. My son loves word party, power rangers, any type of spider man show and paw patrol. So out of those five shows I give him two options. Once he selects an option, I play the show and/or movie, give him a snack and juice and he is good for the next hour or two while mommy works.


Bonus Tip:

Call a Nanny or Babysitter During Work Hours

There is no shame in calling in reinforcements. It is difficult to work from home with a toddler and I totally get it! so if you are looking for reliable, trustworthy and caring caregivers for your child, click here to take a look at options in your area!


Overall, it is an adjustment working from home with your child and with these trying times, things are constantly changing. I am truly grateful to be able to continue to work and learn more about my son while enhancing our time together.

What ways do you keep your toddler entertained?

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