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Looking For A Daycare?

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

It can be down right exhausting finding the right fit for your child when it comes to finding the right daycare, school and learning center. I've had my fair share of bad experiences so trust me always go with your gut feeling about places. When I first started looking, i started with a google search and came across two websites. The first one was quality rated and bright from the start for the state of Georgia.

Is a website that features a childcare search engine that can be used to search for childcare and pre-k in your local area. Quality Rated's main goal is to give parents and families greater confidence in their child care choice because independent, credentialed experts in early education have assessed whether programs follow best practices. I felt like this site helped guide me to good matches and really helped me narrow down my search.

Not only is this a good search tool but it is a great source to look for financial assistance. Childcare is not cheap and it can be a financial burden at times. Did you know that if you meet certain income guidelines you can qualify for certain childcare financial assistance programs? Click here for more information on financial assistance resources and childcare in your area.

GA DECAL Bright From the Start

Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning Bright from the start is a federally funded agency that provides information about childcare for families, teachers, providers and the many programs that they offer for financial assistance with daycare or starting a new daycare. This resource can be used for many different ways to assist in the research phase of selecting childcare. I learned of this agency when my child had an incident at a facility he use to attend. In my experience, I have learned to use these websites to pull incident reports, gauge effectiveness of the overall program and narrow down my list of possible childcare options. Of course with going through an incident at a facility that you as a parent trusted will make you weary of trying another one, but my best advice is to use these two websites coupled with your gut feeling as a parent when deciding on which childcare facility to take your little ones to. For more information or to visit the site, CLICK HERE

Let me know what you are doing to search for child care... I would love to hear your best practices or tips that you use!

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