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Realization & Affirmation

Self doubt is inevitable. Every human has insecurities, it is simply apart of our nature. No one ever likes to admit this but we all care what OTHERS think of us. I literally postponed the launch of my creative space because I was constantly comparing myself and talent to others. But I learned quickly that what God has for you is for YOU! There is no other words to describe this season of my life than Affirmation.

According to, affirmation is defined as confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment, decision,etc. Literally had a conversation with my boyfriend on Tuesday and it confirmed everything I was thinking on the inside. It is actually quite funny because it's nice to think that you have "it" all together. But in actuality you don't, but you're not alone. I not where have my 'ish together but hey! I just keep moving forward and that's all you can do. Keep grinding and keep pushing. After you realize you are not where you want to be in life you then come to the point of realization. At the point of realization, you then begin to unlock your potential because you're hungry and you're finally ready for change. /you are finally ready to grow. This is where I am. Stay tuned to see where I land!

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